Our 30-Day
Money-Back Guarantee

Satisfaction is guaranteed for all products sold by Mermaid Press of Maine. You will receive a full refund of purchase price if your return to Mermaid Press of Maine is made (or postmarked) within thirty days of sale. If you have any questions about returns, you can contact us via our Contact Us page or by emailing us at inquire [at] mermaidpress.com.


Policy for Return of Sales Tax
If you paid sales tax for the book, it will be refunded as well.

Policy for Return of Shipping Costs
We will refund your initial shipping cost—the amount you paid when you ordered the book. We do not refund your cost to return the book to us, so we recommend you use the cheapest method. In the United States this is United States Postal Service Media Mail. (You may use another shipping method if you prefer, but our total shipping refund to you will still be no more than the original shipping cost.) This shipping refund is made in addition to the refund of the price of the book and sales tax, if applicable. Please make sure that the package is postmarked within thirty days of your purchase. Media Mail can be very slow, so you may have to wait as much as four weeks for a refund.

The One Exception
There is no thirty-day guarantee or refund for free copies or for bulk orders shipped at discount.